A fine Victorian ‘Betjemann’s Patent’ book slide c. 1870.

The book slide is veneered in burr walnut with engraved gilt brass mounts and has folding bookends that expand to take extra books.  At the base of each end is a brass decoration, one marked ‘Betjemann’s Patent 13858’ the other ‘Self Closing Book Slide 13858’. The slide does not self close anymore but does have the hidden casters under each end which come into use when the slide is open.

In the centre of the book resting surface is a brass retailer’s plaque ‘J.T. Anderson, King St., Manchester’.

The slide is excellent quality, the burr walnut veneers and a band of coromandel veneer on the square edge of the stand.

Height: 2 in. (closed);  8 in. (open)
Length: 16 in. (closed); approx. 28 in. (extended)
Depth: 7 in.